Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooped Up

There has been a lot of things going on this week that I'm very excited about. First Big News: Elasticpantcity is going to be launching an online shop by the end of the month! The shop will be a curation of my favourite vintage clothing finds. I plan to give you a taste of what's to come early next week. 

Big News # 2: This coming Monday, Elasticpantcity will be featuring it's first giveaway. It's something pretty so stay tuned!

Ben was on holiday this week and it happened to fall on our four year anniversary. We packed Levi off to his grandparents and headed down to a B & B in Coupville, Washington. What's in Coupville you ask? Just good memories. We went for a day trip to Fort Casey when we were dating and it was a beautiful, scenic drive. Sometimes city slickers need to escape to the country for breathing room. 

Now on to the B & B. It was crazy bananas. I walked through the front door and was gripped by an instant panic attack. My first thought was, I'm inside the Mad Hatter's house! It was an old heritage home filled with floor to ceiling antiques. You know how your mother has a set of silverware? Well, the dining room had silverware lining the outer edge of the room, stacked on chairs, on shelves, everywhere. Tea sets galore! The living room was full of antique scales. The walls were covered with old paintings and photos. Every where you looked were antiques; furniture, books, dish ware, rugs, drapes. Our room was bright pink, walls and ceiling. We kept tripping over the luggage trunks at the foot of the bed. 

Despite the overwhelming decor it was a lovely place. The vivacious elderly couple that ran it were full of stories of their life abroad as ambassadors for the Navy. The king size bed was sooo comfortable and the breakfast was delicious, eggs benedict with strawberries dipped in cream and chocolate. On further observation I was also able to pick out elements of the decor that I could imagine mixing in with a modern living space. 

I picked up on shades of blue and green details that could bring a zap of colour to an otherwise bright, white, clean room.

Love the fabric on these chairs.

Love the shades of blue of these books.

Love this crazy, wild real peacock feather wreath

And of course, love these old drawings of Paris fashion. 

Not such a fan of this but it gives you an idea of the extreme decor.

My handsome hubby at Fort Casey.

Like a said, stay tuned for Elasticpantcity's first giveaway this Monday. And yippee! It's open to international readers!


  1. Your description of the b&b reminds me of the Gilmore Girls when Rory and Lorelai go on a roadtrip to harvard. They stay in a b&b with cats on the walls and frilly, country furnishing. Do you remember?

  2. Great pictures!great blog!I am following on GFC,have a lovely day!

  3. I want I want I want those old books!