Monday, June 13, 2011

Style File: She She

There are a handful of people that whenever I'm around them, I feel a sense of home. The lovely Sherri from So Much To Love and I go way back to high school where she was best buddies with my older brother. They were a part of the cool crowd. I was not. However, with time our lives became closely interwoven and I now count Sherri as one of my dearest friends. She has been an inspiration to me in many aspects of life. Sherri is an amazing wife, mother of two and creative genius. She has an unreal eye for design from household to clothing. I always look to Sherri for forecasting the latest style trends. Her perspective on style is especially unique having lived in both Australia and Canada.

Sherri was kind enough to oblige me with shots of some of her favorite outfits as well as answering a few questions on her personal style.

What or who was your first style inspiration?

Hmm... I think it was probably Linda Evangelista. Yes, pretty sure I was the only girl in my grade 5 class reading Vogue. I loved that she was a chameleon - constantly changing her look and style. Her forever changing hair colours and cuts must have rubbed off on me. 

When you go shopping is it usually for something specific or do you look for things that catch your eye?

I'm terrible at shopping when it comes to looking for a specific item. I am so easily distracted that I usually end up leaving with everything but what I was looking for. Usually, I just go where my eye takes me. I usually have a specific look or style that I'm aiming for though. 

Since living in Australia do you see a big difference between Canadian and Australian fashion/style?

Yes! Vancouverites (I can't speak for the rest of Canada) are a lot more casual in their style than most Aussies. I'm noticing a change though - there's a lot less fleece and gortex in Vancouver than there was a few years ago. Thank goodness! There is an insane amount of amazing designers coming out of Australia. I have found that Australians are often slightly ahead of the trends. I really miss shopping in Australia. Having said that, there is some wonderful stuff here too. I live in the suburbs so I don't really get to take full advantage of what's out there.

Did your style change at all when you became a mom?

Most definitely. Ask my neighbours, most of what I wear during the week is sweat pants, my Toms or Ugg boots and t-shirts. Before I had kids I never would have dreamed of stepping out in public with sweat pants on. Leggings are also my friend. They're super comfy but a bit more dressy than sweats. I'm hoping leggings is a trend that will be around for a while.

Thanks Sherri! You're the cat's pajamas!


  1. Great interview, I'm checking out her blog!

  2. Terrific styles; lovely model!
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  3. Thanks Michelle! xoxo
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  4. Great Post! I've always loved her style! Oh and I LOVE CUE!

  5. Great job on this post, Michelle!

    I have to say though, are Uggs and sweats really any better than fleece and goretex? Come now.

    (And yes, I'm very guilty of leaving the house in all of the above.)

  6. Great post, it's so much harder to be stylish when you've got little one so kudos to Sherri!