Saturday, December 4, 2010

Iceberg Collision

My lovely family was kind enough to humour me this morning as I attempted to show off my thrift store find on camera. We started our day at Momento Coffee House This hidden gem is one of the top cafes in Vancouver. Ben and Levi often come here in the early morning to let me get a few more Z's. 
After Momento we headed to the park for pictures.

I took a gander in Salvation Army the other day and found this coat. The first thing that caught my eye was the Bambi character on the breast pocket. Sometimes I pull things off the rack just to ridicule them.  Do grown-ups actually wear Disney characters? However,  as soon as I held up the jacket I could tell it was very good craftsmanship. That's one of the benefits of studying couture, I know where seams are supposed to fall on the body and how a quality garment is meant to fit. The seam of the shoulders and sleeve lies exactly where it should. The shoulders are reinforced without adding shoulder pads, which would likely make them bulky. The side seams also come in at true waist to give a woman's figure flattering lines. 

After I realized the jacket was well made I checked the label. Not surprisingly it was the brand Iceberg. Iceberg is an Italian label that has been around since the 60s and shows at Milan fashion week. Their garments are made in Italy. I had scored myself a vintage Iceberg jacket. Cha ching! For eight dollars, no less! 
At some point in their history (I couldn't find the exact year) Iceberg delved into pop culture adding Disney prints to their clothing. This trademark recently reemerged in their Spring 2011 line as seen on the model below.
Model: Ruby Aldridge; Photo: Simone Leonardi/ via

I went from ridiculing Bambi to rejoicing in my fabulous find. 

I can't help myself, I love to sneak little man pics into my posts.

See how the side seams come in at true waist to give the jacket a flattering shape. Love!

The colour of the jacket is hard to pull off and could easily wash my face out. Regardless, I decided I would make it work. After all, look at the amazing deer print lining! Attention to detail makes my heart flutter. 
In fact, I took it to the dry cleaners and they wanted to keep it. They appreciated the fine craftsmanship and design details.

Ironically I'm wearing furry boots. Hopefully not Bambi's mother.


  1. i love the inside of the jacket. great find!

  2. Love the coat, love the photos, love you!!

    Also that first picture of Levi in the coffee shop is unreal.

  3. So I did a double take when I first clicked over and saw Bambi. However, you're right - that jacket is gorgeous and you pull it off really well! I also love the lining. How awesome to study couture...pretty sure I would have seen Bambi and just kept sifting...

  4. Thanks for your feedback ladies. I'm sure some people hate it, but I love. Brittany thanks for following me! Looking forward to checking out your website!

  5. Love the deer print lining! I agree with Ariana that first picture of Levi is amazing. He looks like a little grown up.

  6. Wow, what a find! I might have sniffed at Bambi as well, but I agree, when you recognize beautiful craftsmanship you tend to look past those minor details. It's especially wonderful to get home and discover what a find you've just picked up for eight bucks!