Saturday, December 25, 2010

To Sum Up Christmas

Christmas cannot be summed up in one blog post. There was so much joy. Joy celebrating the birth of Jesus, joy being with family (And a bit of sadness missing some. My dear sissy had the flu!). I've decided to create several posts to fit all the celebrations in. I'm going to call this post the Details of Christmas, Sorry There's not More Family Shots, Who cares What You're Wearing, Go to Bed.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to post a special little video.

Levi is officially in love with his cousin.

 Uncle Chris is in love with his Canuck's Jersey. Aunt D is gorgeous!

Happened to be wearing my freakin' awesome, new boots from Modcloth. The laces are just for show and the boots actually zip up on the sides. That means I can whip them on and off faster than Levi can wreak havoc on the house.

These boots were a steal of a deal. Cheap, warm, cool to look at and super comfortable.
My 14-year-old brother-in-law made this copper and silver bracelet for me. He said it was easy to make but I don't know many people who can create chain links from scratch and turn it into beautiful jewelry. 

And here is where I will leave you to catch some Z's. Merry Christmas!

UO button up blouse
Aritzia dress and tights
Modcloth boots
Anna Nova Necklace


  1. everybody looks great! I love the pic of Kaeden and Levi, so adorable. I got some very similar boots to yours in Cambodia, except they're black, have a square toe, and no zip. LOVE YOU!

  2. Love you too! I net your boots were a lot cheaper than mine!