Thursday, December 9, 2010

Naked We Come

I love where I live, I love where I live, I love where I live.  The heavens have been pouring down rain for days on end. Vancouver and rain are synonymous. It isn't the grey that bothers me because as my friend Ariana pointed out, "It just makes the trees look greener (spoken like a true Albertan)." What bothers me is that Levi and I can't lounge outside for hours on end. In the summer we walk every where, have play dates at the beach and bask in the glory of where we live. When it's raining, we head outside but it's only a matter of time before Levi has jumped in one too many puddles.

This photo is a reminder of a stunningly gorgeous summer day, that we will experience again. Ben, Levi and I met up with another family and headed down to Wreck Beach for a walk. It makes me giggle every time I consider that the nudists get the most beautiful beach in Vancouver. However, we like to enjoy it too, with our clothes on. The kids received strict instructions not to stare or laugh. Truth is, I needed the reminder too (I know, I am soooo immature. Loud farts also makes me laugh). 

It was the perfect evening and although we hadn't planned to go swimming, the other mom and I hopped right in, clothes and all. I can still remember how refreshing it felt, how relaxed I was and how Vancouver at that moment was like a glimpse of heaven. 

At least it was until the big, naked man emerged from the water, shocking Levi and causing him to somersault over the rocks. 


  1. Thank-you Jeremy for being the only male other than my dad(s) to admit to reading my blog : )

  2. Love the new banner, love the shout-out!

  3. Haha! So glad you didn't post a photo of that!