Friday, December 10, 2010

Nice Digs

Ben just finished renovating his office on Granville Island where he works for Westside Church. A couple very handy men and Ben put in new flooring, painted the walls and used their carpentry skills to build a custom desk (which I love!). As you may recall I'm always impressed by Ben's wood working skills
Levi and I were there to help with the clean-up.
Pretty sweet view of the harbour from the office.
Here's the custom desk. Awesome.
My favorite part are the drawers. I love the raw, unfinished look.

P.S. I re-enabled Google Friend Connect after removing it from my blog in Feburary. I went through a brief middle-school psychosis, when I first started my blog, where I felt super insecure that if people saw I only had six friends they would think I was unpopular. Ha, ha, ha... 


  1. Nice! I love how you and Levi are standing with your legs in the same position. :) I also love the desk. I think Ben should come over here to refine his skills even more by building me a new kitchen! I think I could get used to curvy countertops!

  2. I don't really know what Google Friend Connect is, but I read your blog all the time! (As you know.) Hehe.

    This is actually my first glance at the office!! I don't get down to the Hub much.