Monday, December 27, 2010

"Ugly" is Subjective

Last night I participated in a Boxing Day Ugly Sweater Skate. What did I learn from the night? "Ugly" is subjective. I wanted to buy a couple of sweaters off people's backs. I didn't even mind the one I was wearing. Ben said it looked like it was from UO. A few days after I wore Ben's Mexican hoody we were browsing through UO and sure enough, similar versions and prints of that sweater were all over the store. I used to think that sweater was so ugly but now I love it. Everything becomes beautiful in its time.

My lovely sister-in-law and me. I felt pretty sporty in my hockey skates.

I loved this cardi. I only took a photo of the back but the front is button-up. I would be so sad if I found out it was discarded after the skate.

In case you didn't get a good look, this sweater is covered with BIG flowers. 

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  1. how very Cosby show of you! i love the middle one you snapped, too! it looks Eastern European or the such.