Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faux Fashion and Mommy Musing | Two For One

Vintage, silver earrings and I'm Not Really A Waitress nail polish by OPI. I love the rich, red hue of this polish. It reminds me of the leaves as they change colour.

It's quickly turning into fall in Vancouver so we visit the park as much as possible to enjoy the  equipment while it's still dry. Today I witnessed a horrible playground scene. A boy around the age of seven was calling his little brother who appeared to be three or four an *^#hole. He was yelling it at him over and over again. The mother was mortified and was trying get him to calm down, but the volume of her voice grew louder as her son refused to listen. Eventually she was grabbing him and pulling him away from the park, two other kids in tow, all of them yelling with the boy continuing to shout "*^#hole!" at his younger sibling. Who do you feel sorry for in this scenario? 

That boy needs a spanking (Yes, I thought that), why can't that mom control her son? Who taught him to swear? Does he hear his mom and dad using that language? Oh the poor little brother, he looks so upset and hurt. 

Those were my gut reactions and in five seconds I judged the entire family. I'm being honest because I think we instinctively want to lay blame on someone for children behaving poorly and usually it's the parents. 

My 10 year old neighbour taught me every swear word in the book when I was seven. I went home and tested them all out at the dinner table, with my grandma present. As a result, I learned what eating Ivory soap tastes like. 

In the park scenario, I don't know what the underlying factors were that resulted in a hysterical family leaving the park in tears? Because I don't know their story, my reaction should be one of empathy. I could be in a similar scenario a few years down the road because I don't have complete control of my children. They will say horrific things and embarrass me. If I'm surrounded by a crowd of witnesses in that moment, I hope I wont be judged. 

"With the measure you use, it will be measured unto you."


  1. So sad. Obviously there is *something* wrong with that scenario, although we'll never know the why's and what's behind it all.

  2. It's true. Because we don't know, I think compassion is in order.

  3. When I see kids misbehaving, I always imagine that the "mom" is perhaps a nanny or daycare provider, and then I just feel sorry for her. Heh.