Thursday, September 6, 2012

Indoor Day | I Love You To The Moon And Back

I've started doing preschool at home with Levi and I'm discovering how much I love teaching. These early years at home with the boys are so meaningful and I want to make sure that we spend them interacting, learning and growing together. Levi is such a curious guy that he basically takes the lead in lesson planning. At the moment he is fascinated with the moon so I've prepared a few toddler friendly lessons for him. Today I wanted to teach Levi that even though the moon looks flat and smooth from earth, it is in fact full of craters. 

To teach this concept we glued beans and noodles to a plate and covered it with tin foil. Levi then used his hands to create craters and bumps by pressing down on the tin foil between the glued objects. This was a fantastic way to teach him a new concept by using tactile learning. 

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