Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Green Your Routine Step 1 | Litterless Lunch

 We are not a sandwich family so whenever I pack a lunch it usually looks like the leftovers of the meals pictured below. Our meals are vegetable based and often raw so the challenge is to keep the food fresh, rather than limp and squishy. 
Left: Broccoli and fresh beans from our garden; Right: Mango, tomato, quinoa salad
Cocoa, zucchini, coconut vegan cupcakes (I'll share this recipe soon)
Cauliflower risotto with kale in a lemon, olive oil, sea salt dressing
My favourite litterless lunch containers are from Goodbyn. They come with multiple, separated storage areas which are perfect for salads and pates. Goodbyn also sells ice packs to keep food fresh and cool. Their containers eliminate the need for plastic bags and are dishwasher safe. Goodbyn is sold in stores all over the Lower Mainland so check out their site to find the store nearest you.

*I am not sponsored or paid by Goodbyn.

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  1. I'm a leftovers lunch gal too so I like your Goodbyn recommendation. Will keep an eye out for them. Thx!

  2. No problem Meesh. I also highly recommend Abeego products if you pack sandwiches. www.abeego.ca. They're a local, Vancouver company

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