Friday, September 21, 2012

Indoor Day and Clearly Contacts Winner!

I had envisioned we would change the decor of our kitchen nook every season but it ended up being Spring and more specifically Easter, for a long time. Finally Levi and I went to work and transformed our nook into Fall with a felt leaf garland. One day my children will grow up and I might feel inclined to have more mature interior design details. I think I'll miss felt... and my kids wanting to do crafts with me. 

This morning Jethro came into the kitchen and the first thing he did was look up and gaze at the colourful leaves. If there is one thing I want to engrain into Levi and Jethro (actually the list is long) it is to learn to look up when they're down. I've always struggled to fix my eyes on God when I'm depressed. I naval gaze and let my emotions carry me. My hope for my boys is they will be quick to learn that even when circumstances are dire (Okay, I'm not dying, I'm just really, really tired), God will carry them through. 

Fortunately a great thing to lift my spirits today is to announce a giveaway winner for the Clearly Contacts Kid's frames! Susie, little Destiny gets some new frames! Please email me at with all your contact info. and I'll arrange the deets with Clearly Contacts! Make sure to include Destiny's prescription in the message.

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