Sunday, September 23, 2012

Green Your Routine | Move Sustainably

A long commute can be soul-sucking. My husband and I had an hour long commute for several years but now Ben's work is a 10 minute bike ride from our house and my work is a roll-out-of-bed away. When we were commuting we owned two vehicles and have now downsized to one, which we try to use as little as possible. I wish I could say it's because we are intentional about living a green lifestyle, but a green lifestyle is more a byproduct of work, stores and parks being nearby. The boys and I walk most places and as a family we bike around the city with our toddler bike seat and bike trailer. Vancouver is fortunate to have designated bike paths all across the city. As for doing errands, I am the weirdo walking around the grocery store with a stroller full of groceries, but no child. I've had people peer over my shoulder and say, "Oh, I thought there was a baby in there." To which I respond, "He's under there some where." They chuckle nervously and walk away. What?

My green challenge is to be conscious of the bags we carry while on the go. We have a gazillion reusable grocery bags but I'm constantly forgetting to bring them along for the ride. As a result, I guiltily grab my loaded plastic bags and suffer the stink-eye from my green-friendly co-shoppers. Quite frankly I deserved it. There is no reason to use plastic for carrying our groceries other than my own forgetfulness. As part of the Seventh Generation Green Your Routine Challenge I'm determined to carry around my reusable bags like a third child.

*It's not too late to enter to win the Seventh Generation Starter Kit.

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