Wednesday, August 1, 2012

City Circus | Make Over

Elasticpantcity is going through some internal and external surgery right now and it's going to come off the table with a whole new look. It's been my dream to turn Elasticpantcity into a highly personalized online magazine with consistent columns and special features. 

Indoor Day - Creative kid activities for rainy days (Of which there are many in Vancouver).

Ventures into Veganism - I've posted many vegetarian and vegan recipes in the past but with my faulty gall bladder I'm having to get extra creative with our menu planning. 

 Faux Fashion - My personal style is a re-creation of fashion ideas that come from designers, stylists and fellow bloggers who are far cooler than myself. Faux fashion is my ongoing experimentation in creating personal style and a place for featuring my style inspirations.

City Circus - Urban living is one of my favourite topics. I love to write about raising kids in the city and the many challenges it presents. 

Elasticpantcity is not the only thing getting a facelift, our house has also gone through a mini make over. Try as I might to be organized, every nook and cranny of our place gets piled up with debris; decapitated figurines, cords with no home and unfinished craft projects. We were having a hard time maximizing the square footage in our living space because of two Ikea arm chairs that were awkwardly placed in a bay window. The chairs were impossible to clean around and little toys would disappear into their depths. I couldn't justify the cost of new seating and so there they sat, taunting me with their uselessness. Until a great thing happened, or rather great people, Tami and Josh. Tami and Josh are my treasure hunting friends, and they find amazing free stuff. When Cafe Nuba was renovating, they picked up a gazillion of the arm chairs in the photo above. I mentioned I would take a few off their hands and the next thing I knew, my Ikea chair problem was solved. For free, free, free! I cleaned the chairs up with a bit of elbow grease using this concoction. Voila! Good as new.

What are some of your favourite free finds?

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  1. I've rarely ever found anything for free, except an office chair and filing cabinet once in the garbage room of our first apartment. The office chair turned out to be not ergonomic so we returned it to the garbage, but the filing cabinet is still in use at our place.

    That said, we are lazy people so we'd rather spend the $ than the time it takes to find freecycled stuff. We do often give perfectly good things away, however (e.g. desk, lawn chairs, art, small kitchen appliances, couches, a car once to my brother, tons of clothes and books, portable air con unit, TV...) when we start to run out of space or Hubbs suddenly feels claustrophobic and needs to declutter. It's amazing how things clutter up quickly and how little one actually needs to survive!