Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Faux Fashion: Granny Shorts

Photo from here.

My husband finds my fashion choices puzzling at times and with good reason. Why would I want to wear shorts that give me a saggy bottom and are circa my-mom-wore-them-in-the-80s? I saw these floral print shorts on the rack and I had an inkling that they were so ugly they might be cool. I tried them on and decided, yes, they were a fashion risk I was willing to take. The reason mom's sported these shorts at one time is the pleated front serves to conceal a camel bump. The saggy bottom is awesome because it leaves room for the question, maybe she has a tight butt hidden under there? 

I wasn't sure how to style my granny shorts but then I came across the picture of this cool, young chica above and followed her lead. I also showed my hubby the photo to reassure him that I wasn't a complete fashion rogue. He felt better knowing that socks with sandals are okay.

A little shortening of the hem might be necessary...


  1. Rock those shorts!

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