Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Hanging Planter

I recently learned how to decorate a mason jar with nautical knots and I decided to go one step further by creating a hanging planter using the same concept. It turned out quite beautiful so I thought I'd post some pictures of the process.

Supplies: Large jar, jute twine, chain, hooks to attach the chain to the jar and to hang the jar from the ceiling (I asked for specifics at my local hardware store), rocks, dirt, plant that can thrive with poor drainage (i.e. air plants or succulents).  

The instructions I followed from this site are quite clear so I recommend following the link for the first steps in creating the jute knots around the jar.

To bring all the knots together I tied one large knot at the bottom of the jar. 

I filled my jar with stones at the bottom then a layer of moss to help improve drainage. I bought a plant (you'll hate me 'cause I can't remember the name of this beauty) that would need minimal water and light and hang nicely from a hook. I placed the plant in the jar before attaching the chain. My hubby put the hook in our bedroom ceiling and voila! There's nothing like a bit of greenery to brighten up a small space! 

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