Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Indoor Day | Butterflies

During the morning Jethro naps, forcing us to stick around the home. Craft time has become an activity  to keep Levi entertained and I relish the quality time spent with my eldest. Today we made butterflies with water colour paint, coffee filters and clothes pins. I love when craft supplies are readily available around the house! 

The butterflies I painted followed specific patterns but in the end Levi's "abstract" designs were the prettiest. For me it was a lesson in thinking outside the box!


  1. this is great! Such a wonderful idea :). I've pinned it to do with my little guy on a rainy day. Thanks!

  2. You can also do pre-cut paper butterflies coloured with pencil crayon. When finished, have Levi dab a baby-oil-or-other-oil-soaked cotton ball all over the coloured paper. It makes the paper translucent and really pretty when hung in front of a window, plus if you use baby oil, it smells nice too! :)

    Another alternative is to use watercolour crayons, or water-based felt markers, on the filter paper. Then have him spray water (with a spray bottle) all over the filter to make the colours run into each other.