Sunday, August 26, 2012

Vegan Ventures: The Acorn

Dear readers, if I could wish any food to fill your belly with delight it would be from the table of The Acorn Restaurant on Main Street, Vancouver. 

I was afraid I would never be able to eat out again with my dietary restrictions until I stumbled across The Acorn's gluten free, vegan, and raw food menu options online. Arriving at the restaurant, the cue outside the door was a sign Ben and I were in for a treat. The atmosphere was airy and bright and the crowd was surprisingly distinguished for a hipster hub. Kids were in the mix making me hopeful for a return visit with our boys. 

I started with the Lightening Dust cocktail. The drink arrived looking like my grandma's garden, complete with strawberries and blueberries, frozen inside the ice cubes. The mix of lemon, agave, lavender, gin and cilantro made for the perfect amount of tart and sweet. 

The entrees boast names like Zucchini and Aubergine but should not be mistaken for bland vegetables on a plate. The Zucchini was in the form of tagliatelle, topped with candied olives, blossoms and cashew rose sauce. On the side was a colourful pinenut and tomato salad. 

Desert was Peanut, or rather the chocolate peanut terrine, accented with coconut whip, blueberries, raspberry coulis and lemon thyme. It was raw, vegan and gluten free, which may as well be code for yummy, delicious and to die for.

Are you licking your chops yet? 

The Acorn is locate at 3995 Main Street, Vancouver. Menu is seasonal and subject to change. No reservations.

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