Friday, August 17, 2012

Indoor Day | Keep it Simple

My theory for craft time is that it should be simple, require supplies that are readily found in the home (That is, a home with toddlers) and provide entertainment for at least 30 minutes. I saw this motor skills activity on Pinterest and stored it in my mental library of Ways To Drink a Cup of Coffee in One Sitting. All that's required is a strainer and pipe cleaners. You may notice  beans and a tin can on the table. They're a remnant of a shaker gone bad, disregard them.

 That look of concentration is a sure sign of synapses firing as hand-eye coordination takes place. Levi was pretending the pipe cleaners were worms burrowing into their holes. 

The best part of this activity was turning the strainer right side up and discovering the colourful pattern the "worms" made on the inside, a life lesson waiting to happen.  

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  1. I definitely can relate to this post. No matter how many toys I buy my daughter she likes to play with the pots, pans and the pasta colander. Next time I will take some pics of her playing with them too.