Monday, August 20, 2012

Mommy Musing | Real

I initially took this head shot for a post I was preparing on a home made facial toner. I wanted to have a before and after photo to see if the toner was shrinking my pores and tightening my skin. The close-up of my face frightened me - the shadows under my eyes, sun damage, red spots and wrinkles are all evidence that I am aging. What!? When did this happen? Even to get a shot where I didn't look half asleep required me to widen my eyes until I felt like a deer in the head lights. My dismay with my au naturale image led me to do a little bit of editing.

I'm no expert at photoshop, but what a difference an eraser makes. It was eye opening to see how with minimal skill I was able to transform my face into a more youthful version. It was a stark reminder that what the media portrays as beauty is often far from the reality. 

As a grown woman I desire to look at the first unedited photo and be satisfied, to see the beauty within the lines and shadows. All the marks on my face tell a story of my life experience. The shadows under my eyes remind me of the nights I spend nursing my baby boy. Those moments are precious and what makes life beautiful, why would I want to erase them?

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  1. Yes it is amazing. One would guess that those are the pics of you and your younger sister.