Thursday, August 23, 2012

City Circus | Master Suite

Have I mentioned we sleep on the front porch? Well, technically it's the sunroom but when Jet was keeping me up all night long we hastily cleaned out the space and transformed it into our "master" suite. It doesn't have a closet and it could literally be called a "bed" room because that is all it fits. Despite it's simplicity and cabin feel, the room is a place of refuge for me and I've put effort into making it a special space for my hubby and I. One of the unique features of the room is a window connecting it to the living room. When the house was built over 100 years ago the front porch was open and the window looked directly to the outside. Our current land lord closed it in and didn't bother to fill the window. 

My favourite part of having an indoor window is that when Ben gets up with the boys, Levi will move the curtain aside and line up his toys for me to see when I wake up. One morning I found flowers on the sill. Another time I opened my eyes to find a pair of huge blue orbs staring at me through the glass. Sounds freaky but I thought it was adorable that Levi was so quietly and patiently waiting for me to wake up.

The sunroom has brilliant light through out the day and because my decorating motto is the "the whiter, the brighter, the better" I decided to hang some crystals from the frame to reflect the light. These photos were taken in the early evening and I can't wait to see how the crystals reflect light during the day. Kind of dreamy, isn't it? Do you live in a character home? What's your favourite feature?

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